5x5 » June 15th 2009

When I redesigned my site I decided I wouldn’t post my 5x5s on a daily basis. This decision has led me to slack-off on actually putting them together altogether. Welp, I finally got around to putting the past 15 days worth of video together.

I could be obnoxious and post each and every 5x5 I’ve uploaded since June 1st. But, I ruled against that because each of our dashboards are already filled with obnoxious tweet like status updates and stupid reblogged conversations.

For the handful of you that take the 27 seconds to watch my daily videos [first, thank you], click here for my June 1st 5x5.

If you want to waste a few minutes watching all of them from that date on [first, you’re freakin’ rad], by all means do so. If you only want to waste a few seconds watching some, try the following-

Want to see 1,000+ ladybugs crawling around in a mesh bag? Check out this video from June 3rd. Is a highly professional review of the film ‘Up’ more your style? My video from June 4th has that, so click here. Lastly, this video, from June 14th has my favorite scene ever with Duncan [1st scene].

One more thing before I stop rambling… I redesigned the graphics for all of my new videos and their thumbnails.

The video above is my Road Trip Day video. (Info about the trip can be found from one of my earlier posts.) Please, let me know what you think and thanks for watching. It really means a lot.